New Equipment

In the fall of last year we purchased a Steffen Grapple at auction and awaited the time where we could purchase the accumulator. At the end of last year we purchased the accumulator and waited to use it. During the first cutting this year we were trying to set up the machine and the baler to match each other and we were not having much luck. Add to that we were running out of time to get everything done and put away before rain or darkenss so we decided to drop the accumulator and do it all by hand again.

This fall however, we had a good bit of time to get the baler set right and the accumulator set as well and it worked great. We are extremely happy with the purchase. Now when people to come pick up hay out of the field they will be in groups of 15 and we dont have to pick them up by hand as much anymore either.

Check out the video to see the accumulator and grapple in action.

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